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Stolen Away is back, this time in paperback and ebook from Raw Dog Screaming Press!


Amazing new cover by Daniele Serra!


Join Bear Pond Books for a terrifying night of dark fiction, featuring horror authors Paul Tremblay, Kristin Dearborn and Daniel Mills. They will be reading from their latest works, and will talk about the best ways to best scare their readers.


Now available from DarkFuse: The Woman in White by Kristin Dearborn

Rocky Rhodes, Maine.

As a fierce snowstorm descends upon the sleepy little town, a Good Samaritan stops to help a catatonic woman sitting in the middle of the icy road, and is never seen or heard from again. When the police find his car, it is splattered in more blood than the human body can hold.

While the storm rages on, the wave of disappearances continue, the victims sharing only one commonality: they are all male. Now it’s up to three young women to figure out who or what is responsible: a forensic chemist, a waitress struggling with an abusive boyfriend, and a gamer coping with the loss of her lover.

Their search will lead them on a journey filled with unspeakable horrors that are all connected to a mysterious Woman in White.

“Horror born straight from a nor’easter, Dearborn’s Woman in White is a great read for a winter night—with a monster I’ll never forget.” —Christopher Irvin, author of Federales and Burn Cards

“Kristin Dearborn’s Woman in White is a rip-roaring monster tale with sharp-eyed characterization and something to say about the power dynamics between men and woman. Thought-provoking and entertaining as hell!” —Tim Waggoner, author of Eat the Night

“Great stuff! Suspenseful, quickly paced, unpredictable and wonderfully evil tale. Kristin Dearborn’s best yet!” —Jeff Strand, author of Pressure


I’m pleased to announce Lovecraft eZine Press will be publishing my novella WHISPERS, a modern retelling of H.P. Lovecraft’s Vermont story, THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS. No release date yet, we’re on track for fall 2016.


Listen to me babble about THE WOMAN IN WHITE on the Armcast Dead Sexy Horror Podcast!

Also a snippet of the book is read on the Taco Society Presents while they talk about many great women in horror!


Missed your chance to pick up the limited edition hardcover of Stolen Away? Have no fear, a paperback and ebook will be coming June 2016 from Raw Dog Screaming Press!

Sold Out! Thunderstorm Books: Stolen Away by Kristin Dearborn


Trisha doesn’t have much going for her, but she is a good mother. That’s what she’s always told herself, anyway. She wakes in the middle of the night to hear her infant son has been taken. Her daughter, who saw the kidnapping, tearfully tells her a monster took him. Her ex-boyfriend Joel owes the Russian Mafia a million dollars, but that’s nothing compared to the trouble Trisha’s got herself into. Searching for her son, Trisha and Joel won’t let gangsters, demons, or Joel’s overbearing mother stop them.

Trisha and Joel are forced to confront demons along the way, and not all of them are the literal kind. Not everyone can be trusted, and that has nothing to do with who’s a demon and who’s human. Trisha knows her son is out there, and is alive. Will she be able to reunite her family?


Join me in the Madhouse, an interview with Stephanie M. Wytovich!

This week in the MADHOUSE, I’m hanging out with one of my favorite horror gal pals, Kristin Dearborn.When she told me that she had another book on the horizon, I knew I had to interview her to get the scoop. Check out the blurb for STOLEN AWAY below, along with a short Q&A about the book and her writing process. Plus, I think there’s something in there about prostitutes and Skunk Apes…”


Now available!

Wicked Tales


Spiders and cheese are like chocolate and peanut butter, better together.


Now Available: Issue #16 of Dark Moon Digest!

Featuring (among others) my story “The Babysitter,” a not-so-zombie zombie story.

Cover by George Cotronis. Isn’t it awesome?


The first advanced reviews of “Sacrifice Island” are coming out!

Check out Goodreads to get the scoop.  It’s gotten great reviews from the Examiner and from Literary Mayhem!


Coming October 15, 2013 from DarkFuse to your Nook or Kindle!

A tropical paradise…

Jemma and Alex are paranormal investigators, writing a book on hauntings around the world. When Jemma begins researching a cryptic diary written by a young woman who committed suicide on a supposedly haunted island in the Philippines years earlier, they think they’ve found their next chapter.

A tragic past…

It doesn’t take long for the pair to learn that the island harbors long-buried secrets, while savagely mutilated bodies turn its cerulean seas bloodred around them.

An ancient legend…

For the spirits here are demanding, and Jemma must confront her own demons while attempting to save herself and Alex from taking a permanent vacation to Sacrifice Island.


I am honored to have a story, “Coffee Rings” included in Midnight Echo Issue #9. I can’t wait to read the other stories in here!

Coming May 31, 2013!


The Debut Issue of Grim Corps

Featuring “Theft of Me” by Kristin Dearborn

The artwork that accompanies these stories is particularly awesome!

Now available from in paperback or ebook!


“Debut novelist Kristin Dearborn’s alien contact novel offers a strong story and evocative imagery…”

–Publishers Weekly

Now Available From DarkFuse Publishing:

 Trinity, a novel

Order the paperback or the ebook from! (Also available from Barnes and!)


Trinity limited edition sells out within 64 hours!

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Here’s the Trinity Trailer from DarkFuse!


The Zombie Feed vol. 1

Featuring “Rabid Raccoons”

Available from Amazon

What do reviewers have to say about the Zombie Feed and “Rabid Raccoons”?

Click here for reviews from Shock TotemHellnotes,  and more.