I subjected the love of my life to listening to me read my latest story out loud, and he patiently listened as I stopped to fix repetitive words, unintentionally rhyming words, and things that just plain sounded weird. At the end, he asked if I’d ever done a word cloud with a short story. A word cloud? What’s that?! It’s a graphic that shows you what words you use the most (though I suspect I’m the last person in the world to not know what a word cloud is.)

So here, for your viewing pleasure, are word clouds of two of my most recent stories. Enjoy! I used www.tagxedo.com to make these.

I need to go weed out some “looking” and maybe some “eyes”.

More “look”, though not as much. This story is about faeries and coffee!

And by the way, I couldn’t log on to my website for a long time, but now I can! More blog posts for everyone!