At 2:45 this morning, I arrived home from my second Seton Hill University In Your Write Mind Alumni retreat. In 2011, I received my MFA from SHU’s Writing Popular Fiction program and since then have been disappointed that I can only go to Greensburg once a year for writerly inspiration instead of twice.

(This is Seton Hill. It looks like Hogwarts.)

As usual, hanging with the SHU crowd has left me exhausted and energized at the same time. Exhausted from hanging out in the Mariott lobby, laughing and sharing stories and silliness. I guess that’s the networking part, but to me it just feels like hanging out with beloved friends that I don’t get to see nearly enough. The energized part comes from a jam-packed weekend of sessions on topics such as Deviance in Fiction, the Invisible Writer, Growing Your Brand and more. We had guests from the Donald Maass Agency, Raw Dog Screaming Press, and a book signing with over 30 Seton Hill-related authors—myself included.

The book signing is always my favorite part of Seton Hill summers…I get to walk around and look at the successes of my peers. I scope the fantastic covers, see who’s got a million books out, and hear publishing stories and tips from people who have the same training as I do.

(Awesome covers from SHU faculty and alums)

What am I up to now? Revising my werewolf novel for submission, and also busting out a first draft of a vampire story, which may or may not be a novella. Also, grocery shopping, hitting the gym, and going to bed at like 8pm.