Hazard Yet Forward will go on sale on August 7th! Here’s the dazzling cover, and the even more dazzling TOC, with some links to these folks’ websites!

Center Mass by Querus Abuttu
The Scraper by Michael A. Arnzen
Sideways by Lana Ayers
The Two-legged in Orange by J. L. Benét
Legacy by Angela Binner
The Double by Sally Bosco
Trailhead Tango by Angela Bulloch
Lace by Marge Burke
Not One of the Boys by Elsa Carruthers
Tangled Lines by S.A. Check
When We Were Four by Lawrence C. Connolly
The Harvest by David J. Corwell
Midnight by Jo Crosier
The Night My Father Died by Penny Dawn
A Gathering of Lost Shadows by David L. Day
Aaron’s Ghost by Kristin Dearborn
Hide and Seek by A.G. Devitt
The Laughing Girl of Bora Fanong: A Tale of Colonial Venus by John Dixon and Adam Browne
Happy Holidays by Matt Duvall
The Hell Hounds of Hell by Natalie Duvall
Going to the Show by Ron Edison
Dead Wrong by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
Heartstrung by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
Mine by Genevieve Iseult Eldredge
Solid Contact by Timons Esaias
Mutations by Judi Fleming
A Taste for Testosterone by Leadie Jo Flowers
Stay Here by Gary Frank
Threnody by Karin Fuller and G. Cameron Fuller
Two-Minute Tits by Ron Gavalik
Trains by Venessa M. Giunta
A Little Bit of Magic by Alexa Grave
The Lilies at Laura’s Wedding by J. Gunnar Grey
The Merrow by Steven Harper
Hole Where My Heart Should Be by Samantha Holloway
One Man’s Garbage by Nikki Hopeman
Herbal by Nalo Hopkinson
Mixed Breed, Loves Kids by Lee Allen Howard
Everybody Has to Learn Sometime by Billy Howell
A Show for the Dead by C.A. Jacobs
One Night in New Orleans by Scott A. Johnson
Death Threat for a Hitman by Gary Jonas
Paid in Full by R. J. Joseph
Sasquatch by Ed Kelemen
A Cat Named Hercules by Vic Kerry
She Who Laughs Last by Jacki King
Thinning the Herd by Michael Knost
Eight o’Clock Walk by Ann L. Kopchik
The Invisible Girl by John Edward Lawson
Crenshaw by Chun Lee
Promise Tomorrow by Randee Leigh
Ajar by Deanna Lepsch
The Heir of Redemption by Kate Martin
Guardian Agent by Dana Marton
The Turnpike by Mike Mehalek
One-Horse Sleigh by Barb Miller
Feeling Blue Today by Heidi Ruby Miller
Almost a New Year by Jason Jack Miller
Seafire by Meg Mims
Many Happy Returns by M. A. Mogus
Descent by Donna Munro
Angel of Death by Nancy Parra
Betty Investigations: The Too-good-to-be-true Suitor by Lori Pollard-Johnson
January by W. D. Prescott
Wolf Flower by Rachael Pruitt
God Corp. by Irene L. Pynn
Aperture by Symantha A. Reagor
Footsteps by Ronald J. Shafer
Violent Swells by Ron Shannon
A Feast in Dreams by Christopher Shearer
Finister’s Tree by Chris Stout
Queen of Self-Help by Diane Turnshek
She Weeps by Tanya Twombly
In Debt to a Ghost by Tye Tyson
The Newlyweds by Jessica Warman
Choices by K. Ceres Wright

The amazing cover art is courtesy Coelynn McIninch.