Okay, so this one may not technically count. BUT it was the movie I watched today, and I spent almost the entire thing with that really dialed in feeling of tension that a really good horror movie gives. And it’s my 31 days of horror, so I get to choose the movies. So there.

In space, no one can hear you scream. That may be the tagline for my beloved Alien, but Gravity really dialed it in for me. Hovering at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes (the same RT score as Alien, by the way. And there the comparisons end—except Sandra bullock looks almost as hot as Ripley out of her space suit…), this is a story of a space disaster wherein two astronauts on a spacewalk become the only survivors after their shuttle is destroyed. I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind that things spin in space. This movie hammered the point home. While all the science wasn’t quite dead on (Neil Degrasse Tyson has something to say on that topic) sources say a lot of the space imagery was pretty realistic. Not since the floating blood in Event Horizon has zero gravity looked so scary. The movie had two characters, played brilliantly by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. IMDB trivia says that director Alfonso Cuaron and Bullock really focused on Bullock’s character’s breathing. Oxygen is an issue in any good space thriller, and at times she panted, at times she had to hold her breath, resulting in a really stressful atmosphere. The tension throughout most of the film was dialed up to 11.

I’m pretty lukewarm on 3-D. Most of the time it feels like a cheap gimmick. I’m generally opposed to any movie that’s shot in 2-D and ported over to 3-D. When it serves the film I’m a fan of it; examples being Avatar and the wickedly amusing Piranha 3-D. I would totally recommend seeing this one in 3-D, because it adds another element of weightlessness to the zero gravity scenery and provides the beautiful animation with another layer of texture.

Look at that and tell me that’s not horror.

Check this one out. And while it might not be a horror movie, it’s pretty friggin’ terrifying!