I was so excited by how fun Frankenstein was, and wanted to see that iconic hair in action. The sequel didn’t quite live up to my expectations, though, and was a little dry in parts. Interesting how it hearkened back to the book in some ways—the dude with the violin teaching the monster what it means to be civilized, a bride for the monster. All he wanted in the book was somebody to love. I was really disappointed that she was only in the movie for about  5 minutes before they killed her off. (I figure I don’t need to shout spoilers for a movie released in 1935)

It was a little heart breaking to watch the bride look upon the monster and scream—poor monster just wanted a pal. I didn’t realize that this was the Bride of Frankenstein’s only role—she never appears again in any of the Universal sequels.

Based on this film, I think I’m going to turn my attentions to some more modern movies for a while. Though I still hope to watch the original Dracula sometime  this month, and perhaps also Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman.