Underwater no one can hear you scream and also man is the driest place to hide.  Tonight’s movie was Leviathan. I feel like if I’d never seen any of the Alien flicks or The Thing I would have loved it. I hear it owes quite a lot to The Abyss as well, but I’ve never seen that…yet.

So we’ve got some rough and tumble undersea miners who are at the very end of a three month tour. It’s all fun and games until Daniel Stern’s douchebag sexual harassment character stumbles upon a Russian sunken ship and drinks some poison vodka. Then the wackiness begins… it’s a tried and true formula—characters trapped in an inhospitable environment while some exterior Other comes and picks them off one by one. I think under water is far scarier than space. I can’t visualize space, can’t imagine what it must be like. But I’ve been underwater, and know that even eight feet down in a swimming pool, the pressure starts to build. In the Alien franchise they can open the door and let space help out by drawing the creatures out. Underwater? You’d just die. The sense of claustrophobia was pretty decent.

You knew which two characters were going to survive very early on. The creature design, done by the amazing Stan Winston, is mediocre at best. IMDB trivia says: “In designing the creature of the film, Stan Winston and George P. Cosmatos went through a mini-library of marine life pictures and medical reference books. They were inspired by the physiology of the natural world, and came up with the idea of combining human body parts and elements of deep sea marine life into an unnatural creature never seen on film before.” I thought it looked like they had some leftover bits that were a little too fishy for The Thing.

It wasn’t bad, but it felt extremely derivative. Ah well, they can’t all be winners. What’s up  for tomorrow, you might ask? Not sure yet, but I will be visiting the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery on Pine Street in Burlington for the annual Art of Horror show opening. Should be a very good time.