I really enjoyed both [Rec] and Quarantine, its Americanized remake. They were delightfully claustrophobic, and the reporter tagging along with the fire department gave the shaky-cam a good reason for being there. We had interesting characters, and a well-trodden but solid premise. [Rec]2picks up moments after [Rec]finishes. A GEO (Groupo Especial de Operaciones, AKA Spanish SWAT team) team, with cameras on helmets, escorts an official from the Ministry of Health into the quarantined apartment building. Surprise! The ministry of health official is really a priest, and the virus is demonic in origin. In order to cure the plague and create an antidote, they need blood from patient zero, Tristana Medieros. The rest of the movie is essentially spent running around screaming and shouting.

Both of these people are making very loud noises with their mouths.

There are many horror movies where the audience scoffs “that’s not realistic, no one would ever act like that” as heroes and heroines keep a cool head and off zombies with panache. [Rec]2is much more realistic in that pretty much everyone is screaming through the entire film. I can respect WHY they’re screaming, likely I would be too, but that doesn’t mean I want to watch it for an hour and a half. The characterization is nil, and there were some characters where I wasn’t actually sure what had happened to them. I read a summary, and all it says was they were locked in a room. Am I to infer they survived? Who knows.

Zombie cam!

The biggest plus for the film was bringing magic back to the zombies. If I got it right, the virus in the movie came from drawing the blood from Tristana Mederios while she was possessed. So it’s a virus, but it’s also demonic in nature. Bringing a little of the supernatural back to zombies. I thought that was pretty cool. Also, the final imagery of the movie, which I won’t spoil here, is something I find awesome and terrifying and have used in a few pieces of my own fiction. I didn’t feel that that balanced out the quasi video game feel (first person POV looking down the barrel of a gun) and the repetitive nature of the sets. That said…I’m still pretty curious to see what happens in [Rec]3 Genesis.

Ah, the intersection of science and religion.