I got behind again, but with this post I’ll be all caught up! Today was a cold, rainy, Vermont Saturday, and I managed to squeeze in a double header.

Just out for an evening stroll.

First up was Eduardo Sanchez’ Lovely Molly. I loved Blair Witch (much scarier in the theater than on home video) and I think Altered is one of the most underrated flicks out there. Lovely Molly was good. It had a lot of nice scares, it set the titular character up as an unreliable narrator, and it relied only passingly on her hand held video camera. It wasn’t a perfect movie, but the characters were good, the gross outs fucking nasty, and the scares were tight. Whenever I go into a horror movie, I go in with pretty low expectations. They tend to star strong, with scares and atmosphere, but then when you get into the what and the how they start to fall apart. I’m happy to report that this one stayed strong to the pleasantly vague ending.

Worst. Kiss. Ever.

Molly and Tim are newlyweds, and they move into Molly’s dead parents’ imposing stone house which sometimes seems like it’s in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes seems to have close neighbors. Tim is a truck driver, and is away frequently. Things go smoothly until one night when the couple’s alarm system is triggered. It seems like someone was in the house, but the police can find no evidence. Tim goes off on his next trip, and Molly is left alone. Spooky things start happening, and the movie chips away at Molly and her sister’s backstory. I thought the pacing was particularly tight as puzzle pieces fell together. A lot of the movie was left ambiguous, which I rather enjoy.

Someone maybe watched Bambi a few too many times.

Next up was Dead Snow. Nazi zombies. I could leave the blog post at that and not go into any further detail. But I won’t…

What more needs to be said? Nothing. We could end here.

This one has been in my Netflix queue for a very long time. A group of Norwegian medical students go for Easter vacation in the Norwegian alps. They get some beers, they have a nice secluded cabin…what could go wrong, am I right?

That's going to leave a mark.

You know what can, and did, go wrong. A character stumbles through to give some exposition on the Nazi presence in WWII, then leaves. Later that night, the zombies attack. There is nothing new here. Nothing clever or creative. The plot is almost painful in its incredulity. Who cares? Nazi zombies. If you show up to a Nazi zombie movie for the plot or the characters, you’re not going to have a good time. This movie was created as a loving homage to Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Shaun of the Dead and all the other zombie flicks that have come before it. Steve felt that it stumbled past homage to rip off in parts, but I thought it was done with reverence. This movie is a tremendous gore fest—lots of blood, lots of dismemberment, and lots and lots and lots of intestines. I mean, lots of intestines. This is a good flick for a time when you don’t want to think and you don’t want to care. Just sit back, put your feet up, and watch the blood spray. And because why not?, Dead Snow 2 is coming in 2014.

Yep. They're hanging from some intestines.