One time, many years ago, at a party, I saw the second half of Slither with the sound off. I always meant to get back to watching it, to see what the beginning was like, to see what the audio was like. I just never got around to it. Until today. I spent a good part of the film trying to remember what I’d recently seen Elizabeth Banks in (answer: 30 Rock. I also hadn’t realized she was Lindsey in Wet Hot American Summer.) Michael Rooker was in the film too, playing Merle from Walking Dead (who dressed a little like Walter White). Nathan Fillion played Nathan Fillion. This movie was just plain fun, created with tongue firmly in cheek. You could just tell that there were a million shots ruined by giggles. There are lots of shout-outs to famous horror flicks, and we got the creepiest bathtub scene since Nightmare on Elm Street. I like a movie with a hive mind bad guy—it’s such an alien concept that it’s often fun to explore.

Violet Beauregarde? Is that you?

That said, the film doesn’t have much substance behind its gory and curse-filled whimsy. It reminded me a lot of Tremors, but in a way that just makes me want to go watch Tremors. At times it’s a little much, and you kind of wish it would decide what kind of movie it wants to be. Also, I’ve been bitching about all the dogs dying? Lots of pets bite it in this one, though mercifully all offstage.


Full disclosure: I love slugs. I think they’re adorable. When I went to Oregon as a kid one of the highlights was playing with the banana slugs. I thought the little fellers cavorting around in this movie were pretty cute. The little squeaking noises only made them cuter.

Awww...look at the little cute-ums going for a tubby...