The other day a friend of mine posted on Facebook “why do horror writers hate remakes so much?” It was likened in the lively discussion that followed as watching a play as performed by different actors, and I tried to go into the 2013 film with that mindset. I don’t hate all remakes, but I do find I don’t like a remake when I like the original. (Horror fans are going to crucify me) I don’t particularly care for Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. I thought Snyder blew it out of the park, though, and I love that remake a whole bunch. I think it has to do with our fondness for the source material. I’m trying now to think of a movie where I really liked both the original and the remake and am having trouble coming up with one.

This version of Carrie wasn’t offensive. I like Chloe Grace Moretz and I like Julianne Moore. I liked the social media angle, making Carrie’s pain last even longer. I liked Portia Doubleday as the nasty Chris and I liked Judy Greer as Ms. Desjardin. This is an interesting time to visit Carrie’s story, in an era with so much bullying and so many highly publicized suicides around bullying. It’s also refreshing and awesome to see a female-directed horror film.

I don’t have anything specific to point to and say “this movie was bad because of X” and I enjoyed it well enough, but it seemed…unnecessary. It was too similar to De Palma’s version, and all of it just felt like something I’ve seen before. I wonder how younger audiences will react to this movie, as for them it isn’t a regurgitation of an older film. The movie did, however, make me come home and re-read all of Carrie in one sitting.