A reminder, all! Tomorrow starts the 3rd annual 31 Days of Horror, wherein I watch a horror movie EVERY DAY and then blog about it.

In years past, I simply picked movies I hadn’t seen before (there is a LOT that I still haven’t seen).

This year, I decided to pick a theme. Creature Features. I was tempted to go for my favorites: Night of the Lepus, Tremors, Jurassic Park (I argue this can be called a creature feature and a horror movie), The Thing, and of course, all the Alien flicks. But that seemed too easy.

Starting tomorrow, I will watch a week of creature features from the 50’s. Then a week from the 60’s, a week from the 70’s, then I’ll wrap up with some creature features from the 1980’s. Creatures, in this context, do NOT include vampires, werewolves, or mummies.

I don’t have a list of what I’m going to watch, there will be an element of playing it by ear. The list will include The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Birds, both of which I’ve always intended to watch, but never got around to. It will all start tomorrow, and it’s going to be awesome!

If you have any suggestions of decade specific creature features I ought to watch, please let me know. Especially for the 1960’s.

I’m hoping for less of this: 

And more of this: